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This is a remarkable and amazing effort. Expect for the DGK brand, I didn’t see any other black centered graphics on any of the skateboards I wanted to purchase! As a Ghanaian-American Muslim I am constantly looking for skateboard graphics that can wow my soul! Especially longboard decks (since I like to assemble the rest myself). But so far I have only found two Muslim centered pieces. You can forget about find many black centered skateboard graphics (expect for tactics.com maybe). It it is sad and frustrating to see how my communities are largely left out of the equation of even this monumental industry. I wonder what was this the car until I read Patrick’s article here and read the chilling words of “ Despite this progress, however, “The Industry” remains very white, very Californian, and it retains hegemonic control over the direction of skateboarding”. This is not okay. As a sociologist I want to dig deeper, and help expose those racism, and make it so black folks and Afro-Latinx community can have a huge presence in the skateboard industry. This ish is just too damn California-white! Would love to collaborate.

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