Might be worth mentioning Sellerdoor here, started by Tiltmode's Matt Eversole, which is sort of like a skate marketplace for small brands and DIY product creators. Probably the closest thing to a Bandcamp for skateboarding.

Also, I see the explosion (and over saturation) of skater owned board brands as a strong attempt by skaters to get some equity. I think it was Brian Anderson who, when he left Girl to start 3D, talked about the urge truly skate for oneself and one's own future. Of course, he quickly went back to being a pro for someone else company.

How many of these dozens (hundreds?) of 'boutique' brands can the board buying public keep afloat? How many are just an aging pro's scheme to pay oneself to be pro when nobody else is willing? How long before all these FA and Hockey kids start peeling off to start their own brands? Is Vans, whom Salman Agah had a pro model for, considered to be skater-owned even though it is a publicly traded corporation and by many accounts has more unethical doings than Nike or Adidas?

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Not sure fi you haven't heard, or you're not concerned, but Last Resort is a terrible example, and worth a revisit. They have normalized a disgusting amount of antisemitism with their graphics, and the owner Sami Tolppi is a documented antisemite. Last Resort is a synonym for "Final Solution." Giving nazis equity in skateboarding is not it.

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