While You Practice Patience Remember That...

A light reminder that YOU WILL…

meditatively set up a new board and mentally feel like you’re 15-years-old unless you’re 15-years-old. In that case, you’re just setting up a board and should re-read this in 10 years.

hit a crack on your way to the session, semi-face plant and go back home immediately. Hopefully not the same day as setting up said, new board.

spend too much time in a shop standing on boards and gazing pirate-eyed at concaves.

marvel with jealousy at the fluid motion of someone doing a perfect pivot to fakie in person and possibly think of Drehobl.

be in a soft summer parking lot thirsty and miserable when your friend says, ‘One more try! I got this.’ (they don’t)

slightly crack a freshie the first time you skate it and not be that stressed out.

go to an art opening and not really look at the art but drink the free beer even though it’s a really filling IPA that tastes like a shoe. 

slip out on an overly waxed flat bar and blame a scooter kid.

break in a pair of shoes after a few ollies and swear you’re never wearing another model followed by buying a completely different model.

go back to a childhood spot only to realize it sucks and enjoy it more than when you first rolled up and saw some older heads ripping it.

get food with friends after skating and have the best conversation ever about mostly nothing.

run into someone you haven’t seen in forever while skating and promise to link up soon.

meet someone random and know them forever. Later a normie will ask how you know that person and you’ll respond, 'Person X? They’re an old friend from skating.’ The asker will be perplexed.

catch your brain playing your favorite song while you push towards a ledge or whatever the fuck you like pushing towards but hopefully not mongo.

argue at your local about something not worth arguing about.

see a new, perfect spot, come back at the “best time, “ only to get one hit before being kicked out. Of course, you leave without any alteration or even cursing at said security guard though. 

spend an entire day(ish) rolling around without thinking about politics, debt, regrets, relationships or other real-life things. You will, however, obsess over how you can never really get both trucks up in unison when you slappy and that will keep you up later that night.

go to a video premier and leave feeling like you just lit your high school on fire, won the Powerball, and had the ability to heal at a superhuman level while also never having to work again or go to the dentist. 

wake up with a pulled muscle and forget how you got it only to remember and forget that it hurts.

be twitching at your job after watching a new video or part on your break, waiting to get out to skate but in reality, end up at Trader Joe’s before ditching your cart and heading to a bar to meet friends, and later, half-watch said video/part again with beer tears.

skate more than usual and think about how you’ll “get on a program.”

drive too far to spot hunt, find something that isn’t that great and be fine with it because something kind of OK happened. 

find a new spot and be way too hyped to share it with friends.

Have pop. For a day.

Get deja vu.

watch someone do something they’ve never done and feel like you did it.